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Learn. Network. Upgrade

It is no longer enough to say that things have changed. It's time to understand why and take advantage of the emerging paradigm.

The Watch Trade Academy is the fast track to achieving your sales goals. Knowledge that is not available anywhere else.

Masterclass Expert

In French

Soon available online

Masterclass Expert

In English

Soon available online

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Masterclass Expert
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Hosted by Thomas Baillod, expert in international watchmaking distribution & guests, this Masterclass is aimed at industry professionals who prefer to lead the trend rather than continue it.

Challenge your vision with experts. Sharpen your strategy and approach to take advantage of the ongoing paradigm shift. Rethink the way to market your products in the age of phygital. A concentrate of 20 years of experience, in 8 steps:

__   Understand the current economic model, its origins and meaning.

__   Define the role of distribution and its integration into the business.

__   Identify key intermediaries and adjust your approach.

__   Understand the dynamics of international markets and the phenomena that influence them.

__   Decipher the challenges linked to the digital revolution and master its KPIs.

__   Reconcile traditional and digital models through the phygital model.

__   Acquire an in-depth understanding of the business cockpits of watch distribution.

__   Control margins, pricing and deal with the influence of macroeconomic phenomena.

+ Documents & templates

+ Individual coaching

You leave with:


The survival of your business depends on commercial success. This cannot be improvised and requires in-depth knowledge and mastery of the channels that generate sales.

But which channel to choose? What type of distribution will best suit your business or project?

We offer you the keys that will allow you to answer these strategic questions.


In addition to a lot of practical information and experiences, you will receive valuable documents and models during the course (expert reserved).

Actionable tools you can use to improve your game, deal with the best players in the market, and drive international distribution strategies.


Rather than watching the train go by, it's about understanding where it's going ... and getting on board!

In the Masterclass, we review and master the basics of the traditional distribution model before questioning it and sketching the outlines of the next paradigm generated by digital transformation. Directly applicable knowledge.


This Masterclass broadened my perspective on traditional distribution and some of the peculiarities of different global markets, but more than anything, it made me really think about what the future of distribution looked like, the future of the global watch industry, and forward-looking initiatives that merit to be pursued. It really marked a big turning point in my career, and I would recommend it to anyone who in the future would rather lead the trend rather than chase it. Didn't Bennahmias say, "To break the rules you must first master them"? Watch Trade Academy is a good place to start.

Mark Lewis-Jones

Distribution specialist, CLA

Your expert:

Thomas Baillod


International sales specialist, with 15 years of experience in luxury goods and selective distribution worldwide.

Founder of the Watch Trade Academy in 2019, requested by many media, he lectures on the theme of distribution and its evolution.

One of the first to popularize the term "phygital", he studies the new business models that will define the commerce of tomorrow. Observer but also actor, he has developed a new customer-centric business model called "Afluendor".

From theory to practice, he successfully launched the BA111OD watchmaking concept and developed a new business model that he calls "User Generated Commerce", that he formalized in a web app that he is updating. arrangement of marks. (What are you trying to say here?)

Thomas Baillod is also the co-founder of the Watch Distributors Directory, the world's leading database connecting brands to watch distributors, sales agents, and retail operators.

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Masterclass Expert

In French

Soon available online

Masterclass Expert

In English

Soon available online

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Program overview:



During this Masterclass, we follow our unique PRISM method

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